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Commissions by AnimeFreak40K Commissions by AnimeFreak40K
So… you want to commission me? Great! I could really use the money. No, seriously, I need to pay the bills!

Now, below the break is going to be a lot of tl;dr stuff about the process, what you get and all that rot… but to summarize it before hand:
:bulletblue: You contact me via DA note, Tumblr message or email and tell me what you want.
:bulletblue: After acknowledging your request, I will begin work…please be prepared to answer any questions I may have as well as approve WIPs, thumbnails and the like.
:bulletblue: When work is complete, I will send a low-resolution image for approval. If approved, please send along what you feel the work is worth
:bulletblue: Once I receive payment, I will send along a high-resolution version. *.psd and/or *.sai files can will also sent upon request.
If you want the originals, WIPs, sketches, thumbnails, etc., let me know. It will be an additional $2 to cover postage and I will send them out on the next Monday or Friday.

None! This is all “Name Your Price”. There is a minimum price of $5, however. This is mostly a matter of self-protection, coverage of fees and the like.

If you want any of the originals, WIPs, sketches, thumbnails, etc., just let me know as soon as possible that way I won’t toss any of them out. As I mentioned, there will be a flat $2 charge to cover postage.

Extra information and stuff
What I will do – almost anything really. I guess a better explanation would be what I won’t do. I am willing to do some ecchi stuff, but the closer to hentai and such things get; the less likely I will be to do it. It is not that I am prudish; I just don’t feel very comfortable drawing smut.

This being said, if you aren’t sure ask. Who knows? I may like the idea anyway and give it a shot, or I may just happen to be in the mood to give it the old college try! So you never know until you ask!

Turnaround Times - I can’t see the future and sometimes silly things happen that take me away from my desk and/or computer or otherwise interrupt my ability to work. In addition, I cannot predict or anticipate workload. That said, here are the expected turnaround times:
- Sketches – Your work *should* be done the same day (likely within a few hours)
- Drawings – Your work *should* be done the same day (likely within several hours) of receiving the correction guidelines and will be emailed to you when complete.
- Digital Ink – Your work *should* be done the same day of receiving the final correction guidelines and will be emailed to you when complete
- Digital Color – Your work *should* be done the same day of receiving the final correction guidelines and will be emailed to you when complete

Again, I must reiterate that workload and other events will dictate how quickly, effectively and efficiently I will be able to work. Either way, I will do my absolute best to not take longer than 2 weeks after final corrections, guidelines, etc. are sent to me.

Mailing – In an effort to avoid multiple runs to the post office, I will be making mail runs on Mondays and Fridays. If necessary, I can also go on Wednesdays as well. Again, mailed images will include all thumbnails, sketches and WIPs.

Payment – I really prefer to use PayPal (I will send this information when I send along the low-resolution image). I have heard a lot of horror stories about checks and I am not sure how I can process credit cards through PayPal (or if it’s possible in the first place!). That said, checks are *not* out of the question, I will accept them if that is the only way you can really send payment.

I will not accept DA Points for commissions under any circumstances*. The reason for this is simply due to the fact that the folks holding my mortgage and car loan won’t accept them. It’s that simple

* Note: If for some reason the banks start accepting DA points as payment for loans, services, etc., then I will gladly do the same.

Communication – I will do my best to be as open and communicative with you as possible throughout the entire process. In addition, feel free to contact me via AIM, Skype, Steam, DeviantArt note, Tumblr message or email.

AIM, Skype, Steam: AnimeFreak40K
Tumblr: AnimeFreak40K
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June 7, 2012
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